I never thought that one day I would come to appreciate nature and all that comes out of it as I do now. To be synchronized with her every single day of my life as long as am on this earth.  To find the need to conserve her, manage her and most importantly to learn from her in every possible way, loving and taking care of her every step I take.

Growing up, I did love nature, but not wholly.  At a young age I saw myself as a doctor, wanting to save people. I thought that in this way I would be able to help someone’s life. Society had although poisoned me to think that professions search as medicine, engineering, law and the likes are the best jobs to do. That if I happened to do any of them I would be recognized socially, and this is what I was apparently looking for; adoration and respect from everyone. Wrong reasons for choosing a career by the way. I am not criticizing people who do these professions.  Everyone has a part to play in this life one way or another.

As I grew older, the thought of medicine began to fade away slowly, probably because I had become bored wanting to do what society wanted. I sought to find out what I really liked, what inspired me, what I would enjoy doing until my last days. A career where I would not have to wake up every morning and not wonder why am I here but be willing to get out of bed with immense delight and enthusiasm.

As earlier stated, my love for the wild has always been there (I do remember enjoying  watching animal documentaries as a child and not wanting to miss any episode) but my eyes were tightly sealed and I never considered a career in anything environmental or wildlife related. It was as though I was going against a current which always seemed to pull me back and almost drown me.

Flash-forward to joining a university and going to do something I thought was right. I chose veterinary sciences as it was the closest I knew was to animals but was still blinded by society calling me a Dr. I didn’t feel at peace though and felt as if  there was still something out there for me and for sure it wasn’t this.

Unavoidable circumstances or as I like to call it fate or chance or anything that comes close to that, I ended up doing wildlife management.   A course not well-known and not many people would do it. Like most professions, it not only requires hard work but also passion, a huge amount of it. It’s a course am happy with, a career that will allow me to give back to the society in some way, a career that will challenge me and will still have time to travel and hung out with family and friends, a career that I will be inspired and be able to inspire others. 🙂

As I continue this journey not knowing where my destination will be in the end, I hope  to protect, conserve, rehabilitate and help any animal that has been injured, sick, is endangered or threatened and to  find a balance between the needs of man and nature.

Your thoughts are most welcome. Thank you.

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