House Litter Waste Management Project

Recently, I came up with house waste management rules which I’m hoping with crossed fingers that it will followed. My aim is not to change the people I’m living with but to awaken their consciousness especially on environmental issues affecting us today as a society.

Some of the items being collected I still have no idea what I will do with them when they pile up. I am although open to new environmentally friendly ideas when they overwhelm the storage and come up with reusable ways for the collected items. I encourage the household to although reduce on the amount of plastics bought where applicable.

This whole idea came up to me when I was inspired by a group of women who encouraged me and reminded me of my inner drive to reduce the amount of waste I myself deposit to the environment and reduce my carbon foot print one step at a time.

With time, I will grow this small project of mine and extend it to my friends and their families, one step at a time.

We as society should really consider the impact we bring to our environment. Especially here in Kenya where we always expect the county council to take care of the immense amount of trash we produce ourselves without a care of what they do with the waste after collection. We should all be mindful of our waste as we found this country and world here and we will leave it at some point to future generation. What we do will truly reflect in future, a ripple effect.

Here is a my small project and if any of you have any ideas on what I should do with the collected waste and probably turn it from trash to gold I will highly appreciate the efforts and have upcoming posts on small waste to gold projects. Ideas on what I should add on the list are also welcome.


Do not burn egg shells – Plants need the nutrients present in the shells and are also parasite repellents.
Do not throw or burn these PLASTICS:
  *Bread packets
  *Milk packets – Rinse after use, do not trash, if rinsing is too much work, place on top of fridge in the container provided
  *Water bottles
  *Yoghurt bottles and cups
  *Used lotion bottles, Vaseline containers and roll- on bottles
  *Used hair treatment, hair oil and hair gel containers
Do not throw or burn milk, yoghurt and fruit juice CARTON containers.
Do not burn glass roll on bottles – glass doesn’t burn at low temperatures
Do not burn used toilet paper rolls
Avoid carrying plastic paper bags from the supermarket or shops especially for small items especially if you have space in your hand bag / bag / car.
For all items not to be burnt a box/ paper bag will be provided.

P.S. Practice the reduce, reuse and recycle principle in particular REDUCE AND REUSE.

N.B. Burning plastics results to the reduction and depletion of the ozone layer causing the well-known term, GLOBAL WARMING.

With love from a child born in the Climate Change era: The first generation to grow up with climate change and the last that can do anything about it – unless we act now

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“It’s the little things citizens do that will make the difference.” – Prof. Wangari Maathai

2 thoughts on “House Litter Waste Management Project

  1. Great ideas! In reference to plastic waste, there have been a few considerations in the recycling community to expand the production and distribution of contraptions designed to convert petroleum in plastic products to fuel.

    If widespread usage occurs, it would significantly decrease the tons of CO2 emitted through the transportation of oil and the total area from which that oil would be extracted, decreasing desecration to wildlife.

    Additionally, once extracted, the plastic waste would now be biodegradable–it would not remain in a stable state for possibly thousands of years, reducing its threat as a potential hazard to habitats, particularly marine ones, as seen from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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