House Litter Waste Management Project 1

I have a new list! Well, this list made the materials to be kept and recycled or reused more precise. The good news is that the project has been well accepted and ideas of what to do with them are coming up. Examples include: The yoghurt cartons have become seedling planters with five cartons already holding and growing, crossing fingers, peaches. Plastic milk packets have been reused to pack our dog, Casper, daily meat which we cut it into proportions for convenience. Pictures of this will be coming up.

CaptureI have been checking the web to see on what others are doing to rid the world of our created plastic waste. Thanks to a reader, I came to know of a project where Plastic waste is been converted to oil in Asia. Another project which has inspired me is the Ocean Clean up project which is under a young 20 year old by the name Boyan Slat.  Hopefully this projects will go a long way in reducing the plastic waste we produce and clearing it from our ecosystem. Such projects encourage me to keep doing what I am doing. I may not be impacting a whole population but at least I am doing something.

Thank you to all the readers out there.

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