5 Tips on Reducing Plastic Waste at Home

It has been a while since I did a Waste Wednesday post. Well today we are going to look at plastic waste and how we can reduce it a home; whether in our shopping, eating out or even normal daily activities that we sometimes partake in without the slightest thought.

Plastic waste is becoming a huge problem globally. Solutions to reduce the plastic we produce is been done and researched on every day. Countries like Sweden have found a way to produce energy from burning plastic waste. Other countries like Rwanda have banned the use and production of plastic bags. There are many positive and inspiring efforts on ways countries, especially their citizens, are reducing their plastic waste. There is hope.

Yes we may have solutions to our plastic filled dumping sites, oceans, towns and the entirety of the environment as a whole, but all this can be avoided to prevent the channeling of harmful plastic chemicals (carcinogens) into our environment.

I personally support reducing and reusing as opposed to recycling. Before we recycle we should first consider the long term effects especially the costs incurred when we recycle. Truth is, recycling is expensive especially for developing countries. I’m not saying this cannot be done, because it can and is/will be done. But in the meantime, we can make a difference by how we live our lives in the present and reduce our very own plastic waste production.

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One thought on “5 Tips on Reducing Plastic Waste at Home

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    Kenya has officially banned plastics in the country effective from September. This is the ripe time for innovation and green technology to take center stage and lead us into a sustainable future.

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