About Nyika Silika

Nyika Silika is Swahili for wild/bush instincts.

Nyika Silika is an environmental/nature blog that will hopefully , be able to;

  1.  Reconcile the needs of people and nature using the best available methods ensuring economic development and conservation do not undermine each other.
  2.  Educate the public, and students on the need for conserving wildlife and the environment in its natural state.
  3.  Provide a platform for people to air their views and concerns on nature.

In a world where the human population is increasing at a fast rate, pressure is upon the earth on whether it can be able to hold both man and species (both flora and fauna) together without affecting them negatively. Will nature takes its course? Will sustainability and stability prevail? This and many other questions always seem fill my mind.

Nature was here first. Human beings are part of nature and if wildlife (animals and plants) disappears, we also will.


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