World Wetlands Day

Today is World Wetlands Day. Today we celebrate wetlands. Today we educate the world on the significance of wetlands in our ecosystem which we are part of. Today we also seek to protect wetlands that are facing unwarranted destruction. A wetland is a place where the land is covered by water; either salty, fresh or … Continue reading World Wetlands Day


A to Z on Drought

“For me, one of the major reasons to move beyond just the planting of trees was that I have a tendency to look at the cause of the problem. We often preoccupy ourselves with the symptoms, whereas if we went to the root cause of the problems, we could be able to overcome the problem … Continue reading A to Z on Drought

Turned to Ashes – Kenya’s Largest Ivory Burn (Highlights 2016)

Eleven giant pyres of tusks (more than 8000 elephants), rhino horn (from 300 rhinos), illegal hides of wild animals and illegally logged timber were set ablaze in Kenya’s Nairobi National Park on 30th April, 2016. This was a ‘funeral’ for all the wild life illegally poached due to an unending surge of ignorance, greed and … Continue reading Turned to Ashes – Kenya’s Largest Ivory Burn (Highlights 2016)

Hall of Fame for the Pangolin (2016 Highlights)

A few years ago, not one person outside the scientific/conservation/natural world had ever heard of the pangolin up until its triumph at The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna Seventeenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CITES CoP17) recently held in South Africa. All the 8 species were … Continue reading Hall of Fame for the Pangolin (2016 Highlights)

How it went down – GMFERL 2016 (Photos)

Extinction is forever; endangered means we still have time. This year’s Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions Nairobi chapter, here, was a success with 80% of the participants being the youth which was this year’s theme; Youth for Wildlife. This showed the youth were ready to play an active role in wildlife conservation. National … Continue reading How it went down – GMFERL 2016 (Photos)

The Wildebeest Migration: Part 2

In groups, the wildebeests plunge into the water and run without looking back. With jaws wide open, crocodiles, having targeted the weak among the herd, grasp and choke a couple of them. The fighting and struggling taking place within the waters is captivating.  Some wildebeest even drown as they are trampled on by there kind. Crossing the river alive is a sign of … Continue reading The Wildebeest Migration: Part 2

The Wildebeest Migration: Part 1

Standing  frail, unaware of its new-found surroundings, a wildebeest calf  has being born into the wild. Location, Masai Mara Game reserve, Kenya.  Around him are herds of its own kind, grazing; pulling the grass with their 'lawnmower' mouths. His mother is standing right besides him with a keen eye protecting her new-born calf with all she's got. … Continue reading The Wildebeest Migration: Part 1