Saving Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park, being 117.21km2, is among Nairobi’s over 70 green spaces. Green space is land partly or completely covered by trees, grass, scrub and other natural vegetation. These spaces in the city act  as ‘lungs’ to the city, offer aesthetic values and provide space for research and conservation of species. Nairobi National Park is … Continue reading Saving Nairobi National Park


It’s all Black and white

My Collins dictionary defines a zebra as “an African wild horse which has black and white stripes”. I think there could be no better definition of this. I find zebras extremely pretty amazing with their black and white stripes. Alexander McQueen was right when he said, “There is no better designer than nature”. Scientists have … Continue reading It’s all Black and white

The Beauty at Safari Park Hotel

Safari park Hotel and casino located in the Nairobi Area along Thika Road Kenya has one of those beautiful wetland areas (encompassed within) which through maintenance and amazing landscaping and design makes the hotel  very  beautiful and awe striking compared to most urban hotels. Recently I had the opportunity to visit this place and with … Continue reading The Beauty at Safari Park Hotel