Plains Zebra and other ungulates stand under threat

The indigenous people around the world, before they made a major decision, used to sit around and ask themselves, ‘How does this affect our people seven generations ahead?’ – Jane Goodall Recently, the Plains Zebra Equus quagga, a very common, widely distributed zebra species in Sub-Saharan Africa, became a Near Threatened species by under IUCN … Continue reading Plains Zebra and other ungulates stand under threat


Saving Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park, being 117.21km2, is among Nairobi’s over 70 green spaces. Green space is land partly or completely covered by trees, grass, scrub and other natural vegetation. These spaces in the city act  as ‘lungs’ to the city, offer aesthetic values and provide space for research and conservation of species. Nairobi National Park is … Continue reading Saving Nairobi National Park

Thee Marabou

Arguably the largest bird one can see around our towns more often than not, with a wing spanning 3.7 meters (largest wing span of any living land bird), 130 cm tall and weighing up to 9 kg. Females are although smaller than the males.  Being large and heavy, their legs and toe bones are hollow. … Continue reading Thee Marabou


Kenya at 50.

Kenya is celebrating 50 years of self-rule and as a commemoration I would like to share why I love Kenya and why everyone should, at least, visit her in their lifetime. 1.     With not less than 1000 bird species it’s a bird watchers paradise. 2.     You can see all the ‘big five’ – Elephant, Buffalo, … Continue reading Kenya at 50.


The Wildebeest Migration: Part 2

In groups, the wildebeests plunge into the water and run without looking back. With jaws wide open, crocodiles, having targeted the weak among the herd, grasp and choke a couple of them. The fighting and struggling taking place within the waters is captivating.  Some wildebeest even drown as they are trampled on by there kind. Crossing the river alive is a sign of … Continue reading The Wildebeest Migration: Part 2


The Wildebeest Migration: Part 1

Standing  frail, unaware of its new-found surroundings, a wildebeest calf  has being born into the wild. Location, Masai Mara Game reserve, Kenya.  Around him are herds of its own kind, grazing; pulling the grass with their 'lawnmower' mouths. His mother is standing right besides him with a keen eye protecting her new-born calf with all she's got. … Continue reading The Wildebeest Migration: Part 1