More Town Birds

I noticed I had left out other very common town birds that are worth mentioning following my previous post here. Olive Thrush (Turdus olivaceus) Common on city lawns with an olive brown plumage above, bright orange bill, a bare orbital ring, its chin and throat are buffy white with dusky streaks becoming greyish olive-brown on … Continue reading More Town Birds


The 10 most common Kenyan Town Birds

Busy town, busy lives, everyone going on with their day to day activities. Hardly do we notice these other creatures that are coexisting with us as we live and work in our urban areas. If I was to ask an average of 10 city dwellers if their notice any bird around them at any time … Continue reading The 10 most common Kenyan Town Birds

Thee Marabou

Arguably the largest bird one can see around our towns more often than not, with a wing spanning 3.7 meters (largest wing span of any living land bird), 130 cm tall and weighing up to 9 kg. Females are although smaller than the males.  Being large and heavy, their legs and toe bones are hollow. … Continue reading Thee Marabou


CROWs – Quite aggressive…aren’t they.

A black kite flies quite alone in the skies. A pair of pied crows join the kite. But this is not a follow the leader kind of thing. It’s an ambush. The pied crows with their wings and beaks shove the kite of course. The kite now knowing it’s under attack, fights back. There is … Continue reading CROWs – Quite aggressive…aren’t they.