Species Special

A species / quote special highlighting some of my favourite species I have had the opportunity to shoot (purposely used) across the country and quotes from very influential people in the conservation world. Some, hopefully all, quoted people you may recognise, making the post more Kenyan oriented and globally represented. Enjoy the flash of words  … Continue reading Species Special


It’s all Black and white

My Collins dictionary defines a zebra as “an African wild horse which has black and white stripes”. I think there could be no better definition of this. I find zebras extremely pretty amazing with their black and white stripes. Alexander McQueen was right when he said, “There is no better designer than nature”. Scientists have … Continue reading It’s all Black and white

Emaciated Ele

Its mid-day at Tsavo Conservation Area and the sun is just staring at us and we cannot do anything about it. The vet in the area has been informed of an elephant immobile somewhere in the middle of Rukinga Ranch. Being an intern in the research department at Tsavo East, we accompanied the vet to the ranch. A long … Continue reading Emaciated Ele


Kenya at 50.

Kenya is celebrating 50 years of self-rule and as a commemoration I would like to share why I love Kenya and why everyone should, at least, visit her in their lifetime. 1.     With not less than 1000 bird species it’s a bird watchers paradise. 2.     You can see all the ‘big five’ – Elephant, Buffalo, … Continue reading Kenya at 50.


Rehabilitation success and the Coastal region of Kenya in pictures

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the coastal region of my country Kenya, well, it was kind of a class tour, but all in all I had awesome fun and also learnt a lot. Here goes the photos. More on Haller Park here. Thank You for passing by.


Photogenic Hyrax

Small creature, almost the size of a rabbit, mostly confused with rodents, the hyrax is classified together with an elephant and sirenians (dugong and manatees). Hard to believe!!  I know. Hyraxes are classified together with elephants, manatees and dugongs because of their abdominal retained testis in males and two pectoral mammary glands in females.  They also lack … Continue reading Photogenic Hyrax


Yellow Baboon

Yellowish brown body hair, black face and pinkish sitting pads (Ischias callosities), standing at 84cm for males and 60cm for females, averagely, with life spans of 20 to 30 years and with four very close ‘cousins’. The yellow baboon is one of those iconic species I encountered within my short period at Tsavo East National … Continue reading Yellow Baboon