The Urban Conservationist

The city doesn’t deliver much of a natural habitat in respect to the wild untamed natural areas. Having grown up in the city, one would marvel at how conservation and I became highly acquainted. While growing up, I never lived among wildlife, I had no idea how living with wild animals near you was like. … Continue reading The Urban Conservationist



Well, my plastic collection especially for the milk packets is amassing and I still have no idea what to do with them. To solve this we could: Stop buying milk packets and buy plastic bottled milk That would create another accumulation though Use the milk bars at supermarkets…great idea Get a cow!!! The use of … Continue reading IT’S ACCUMULATING – LET’S TALK PLASTIC WASTE

House Litter Waste Management Project 1

I have a new list! Well, this list made the materials to be kept and recycled or reused more precise. The good news is that the project has been well accepted and ideas of what to do with them are coming up. Examples include: The yoghurt cartons have become seedling planters with five cartons already … Continue reading House Litter Waste Management Project 1


House Litter Waste Management Project

Recently, I came up with house waste management rules which I’m hoping with crossed fingers that it will followed. My aim is not to change the people I’m living with but to awaken their consciousness especially on environmental issues affecting us today as a society. Some of the items being collected I still have no … Continue reading House Litter Waste Management Project


It’s your waste

I'm sitting in a public service vehicle practically minding my own business. The person sitting next to me asks me to open the window and throw a plastic bottle and paper bag outside the moving vehicle. Mind you, the surroundings  were actually clean,very clean in fact, as it was the boundary of a national park (Hell's Gate National Park). … Continue reading It’s your waste